Details for Valentine Livestock Auction, March 5th

Valentine Livestock Auction
Thursday, March 5, 2020 • 560 HD Complete Dispersion
450 ang& blk (3-7 yrs; 1250-1350#) bred Hereford (Hoffman Rn); 350 hd
cf 3-25 for 30 days. 100 hd cf 4-25 for 30 days. Webers sourced
females as hfr cfs (over 2500 hd), sorted for breedability, conformation
and substance. Ultrasound pregged Fall 2019 (yearly vaccinated &
poured) by Dr Ward, Valentine. Bulls soured from the renown Hoffman
Ranch, Thedford NE. The baldy product has topped VLA sales the last
3 yrs of 4. Sold in age groups, an opportunity to be out front for the
next cow cycle.
110 ang & blk (35 bwf (F-1)) hfrs (1100#) bred LBW blk angus (Hoffman); cf
3-17 for 30 days.

Weber Ranches/ Rick Weber 402-389-1406 • Greg Arendt 402-376-4701