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Four farming brothers — Greg, David, Daniel, Jim and their father, the late Michael Firth — saw a need to make better quality products for their own farms.

This quest for superior quality has evolved into a company that is today known as Enduraplas. Headquartered in North Dakota, with plants there and in Texas, the team strives to daily live out its vision, “To be the trusted resource for superior liquid management equipment when and where you need it.”

“They were farmers themselves and saw a lot of tank manufacturers that did not produce a good tank with a good warranty,” said Calvin Firth, vice president of Enduraplas. “So, they produced a stronger tank built to outlast anything.”

Enduraplas was founded in 2003 to prove that they could build poly tanks that are more durable, constructed stronger and last longer than three to five years, Firth explained. They specialize in manufacturing products that help agricultural producers better manage liquid. Their offerings include a large range of liquid storage tanks, tank trailers, spray equipment, ice control equipment and water storage solutions. Enduraplas products are also built in the United States from premium components such as high quality polyethylene.

Firth said while the brothers do not farm anymore, the company is dedicated to working directly with farmers across their core market areas in the U.S. and Canada during the design process.

“Our dealers are vital to us,” Firth said. “We work very closely with those dealers and the farmers to make sure they have someone locally to stand behind our products. Dealers are very important to gathering local knowledge and are the connection to the end-user.”

Firth added that Enduraplas is also affiliated with companies in Australia, New Zealand, France and England, working together on the design level to create a synergy of new ideas.

Since 2003, Firth said, the Enduraplas liquid management tanks have been built with thicker walls and superior poly materials, and tested rigorously to ensure long-lasting durability, as well as the dependability of their company statement, “Engineered for Endurance”.

One of their recent innovative products includes a water storage tank that was developed to block the sunlight and stop algae growth. Firth said this product is especially popular in dry areas like Texas, where water collection is an even bigger deal.

“We build products based on feedback from farmer customers and work closely with them,” he said. “We really make sure the end-user is involved with the development of their products and to keep up with the high standards we strive for.”

Firth said farmers, ranchers and their employees all working together are key to what they accomplish every day.

“What really makes a difference for us is the level of service and employee engagement so that people can feel the culture and recognize that people are really enjoying what they are doing,” Firth said. “The farmers and ranchers are most important to us. We feel the challenges they are having in the current market. Many have been through challenges like this before. It is very rewarding working with hardworking Americans who are sticking with what they are doing and are sacrificing short-term to continue in the agricultural industry that is so important to our country.”

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