It all began with the vision of a Nebraska farmer that has transformed into a new Nebraska-based agribusiness company — GrainBridge — that is promoting farmer profitability through grain marketing decision support, e-commerce and work management.

GrainBridge software currently includes upwards of 400 grain-buying locations with more than 30 in Nebraska. The concept for the new digital platform was first unveiled in October 2018, when GrainBridge, LLC was formed as a joint technology venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) and Cargill, Incorporated. STRATUM was recently selected as the platform name.

Faith Larson, chief strategy officer, said STRATUM is set to launch in the first quarter of 2020 and is designed to help farmers improve their profitability through more effective grain marketing. She said the ultimate vision of STRATUM and the way it differs from other grain marketing tools is that, “Farmers will be able to access analytics to view their entire grain position across all grain buyers.”

“Currently, farmers must rely on multiple applications and data points to track inputs, production and their marketing activities,” Larson said. “Until now, there has been no single tool for efficiently storing and managing all this information. It can become overwhelming to attempt to organize and manage all of that information, especially from a marketing perspective.

“With STRATUM, they will be able to retrieve their respective agribusiness accounts so they can obtain location information, prices, grain contracts and payment information, as well as enter into and manage grain contracts.”

She added that STRATUM also incorporates practices to ensure the security and privacy of user information. Only the farmer will have access to their data, with full control over who views it. Grain buyers will only have access to the customer data they provide through STRATUM, such as contracts.

In addition to the initial first quarter rollout of STRATUM, Larson said there will be three more releases with enhancements throughout 2020 that include the ability for farmers to execute contracts, decision support and analytic tools.

Other areas of the company’s focus include risk management tools that help producers manage multiple factors affecting their bottom-line profitability, like crop target planning, market tracking, cash sales, futures and option, and insurance tools.

GrainBridge also leverages Amazon Web Services to build the predictive grain marketing decision support and grain trading platform for ag commodities. Working with AWS provides highly secure and scalable cloud services for GrainBridge’s farmer profitability platform. In addition to being available to current customers of ADM and Cargill, the platform is open to all grain companies who would like to pursue the application for their customer base.

Larson said all the employees at GrainBridge share “a love for agriculture and passion for innovation. All our employees have a background in agriculture, whether they were raised on a farm, farm on the side or still participate in a farm. We are a mix of developers, farmers and engineers focused on developing powerful, web-based software and technology.”

Because of their deep ties to agriculture, Larson said they are driven to strive to meet and exceed the company’s mission each day.

“We empower farmers to market grain ... with confidence,” she said.

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