11-9-18 And This Was Number 5 pag seed wind chime

PAG Seed wind chime

The wind chimes that were featured in our most recent “What’s This?” clue asked what was on the reverse side of one of the chime pieces. We let you know it was a certain seed company, but with all the mergers and consolidations over the years, it might not be around these days.

It is, however, still in business. In fact, the business has spread to other areas of agriculture.

Here are some of the responses from our readers:

The wind chime was a PAG Seed item or maybe PAG/Paymaster. I was a PAG, then Cargill seed dealer in those days. Ted Gleim, Lincoln, Neb.

We have a wind chime just like the one in the “What’s This?” picture. Ours has Cargill Hybrid Seed on the fourth chime. My husband (Leland Schlake) sold Cargill Seed for many years. Alice Schlake, Cortland, Neb.

The wind chime company is “Cargill” Hybrid Seeds. My father, Keith Lerum, sold Cargill seeds for many years. He has passed away. My mother, Donna Lerum, still has the wind chime on her front porch in Plainview Neb. Janae Wilson

The wind chimes shown were put out by Cargill Hybrids. Ron and Vera Ebeler, Tecumseh, Neb.

This is just a guess. I would think it’s Dekalb. Jerry Konert, Columbus, Neb.