The “What’s This?” picture in the Nov. 23 Midwest Messenger is a sack holder used to hold grain sacks as they were being filled.

“My Great Uncle Frank Maves of Amherst, Wisconsin, received a patent for his invention of a sack holder that looks just like this one,” said Jon Maves, also of Amherst. “We still own two of his original sack holders.”

Richard Wurtzberger of Sleepy Eye, Minn., also said it was for filling sacks. “It made filling a sack such as seed oats a one-man job.”

Mel Froemming, a Lee Agri-Media reader from Gresham, Wis., sent in the photo and said it is a bag holder for gunny sacks. He said it was found in his granary and somewhere on it reveals “Pat. August 1900 T.J Wavrunek. Harness, blankets, robes, etc. Shawano, Wisconsin.”

The object pretty much stumped Midwest Messenger readers. Evon Hoopes of Anthony, Kan., admitted her response was a guess.

“It reminds me of a sulky seat with arm attachments for harness races,” Hoopes said. “A sulky is a light two-wheeled horse drawn vehicle for one person, used chiefly in harness racing. Both my Dad and my Grandpa loved to race in harness races. It’s nice to remember back to what my Dad did as a young man.”