5-24-19 what's this number 19 hook

The most recent “What’s This?” clue pictured a hook with a tiny hook on its end. It was submitted by Bev Smedra of Ord, Neb., who said the item was found on the farm but no one knows what it is.

“We thought of a bale hook, but it is more rounded curve than a bale hook, plus the little hook on the end,” she said. “The hole for the handle is much smaller than a bale hook handle or even a garden hoe handle. More the size of a broom handle diameter.”

This seems to have fooled most of our readers, since we didn’t receive many responses. In fact, every response went a different direction.

Leon Cederlind of Murphy, Neb., said it was used when fishing.

Darrell Rubottom, Woodston, Kan., wrote, “It seems as if we used something like this to sew the tops of gunnysacks which we filled with oats. Same such tool was also used to patch holes in the gunnysacks. You could use store-bought string or binder twine.”

Jim Standerford, Humboldt, Neb., told us, “I think the item is a tool used in butchering hogs or beef. The person working up the carcasses would hook a slab of meat, throw it over his shoulder and carry it to another table to cut it up.”

So, we may still have a mystery.

The backlog of photo clues we have in hand could take the rest of the year to get published, but don’t let that stop you from sending in more of those mysteries from the farm. Send as much information as you can, including what the object is made of and any dimensions. An object in a two-dimensional photo can be deceiving.

Send your submissions to editorial@midwestmessenger.com or Editor, Midwest Messenger, Box 239, Tekamah NE 68061.

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