Suedmeier clue

There is a three part message in this issue:

1) The March 13 What’s This is has been identified as a grip to replace sickle sections a few at a time. Thanks to Jim Watson and Vaughn Beed for their quick guesses within 5 minutes of each other!

2) I’ve received several emails and letters regarding an old What’s This that was incorrectly identified. Keep in mind that these are just guesses, and this is supposed to be light and fun. If you’re writing in, please do so kindly or not at all.

3) John Rosman from Harlan, Iowa figured out what the Feb. 28 issue photo was. He attached a photo of what his father’s was and it appears to be a device to keep a shirt collar shapely.

If you have any items around the farm and have been curious as to what they are, be sure to submit them with a bit of information about yourself and the item to