What's This? stump puller number 2

There’s a bit of rust on this edition’s “What’s This?” item. It hasn’t moved for a while, as shown by what has grown around and through it.

It looks old, but not that large, somewhat surprising if it came from many years ago when farm pieces came big and clumsy. And there seems to be a lot of surfaces and pieces attached to another.

So, What’s This?

Send your ideas, especially if you are sure what it is. We like guesses, too, so let your mind wander a bit. Think creatively. Or be practical. Was it used in the fields, or in the shop? Might it have been attached to something? Or was it used as is?

If you have something to share, you can send images of them to the same email and postal addresses. If you know what it is, tell us so we can tell if our readers know, too. If you don’t know, that’s fine because we like to see how creative our readers can be.