7-19-19 whats this number 23 milk pail holder

Another mystery is at hand here at the newspaper office.

This time, it comes from Gloria Palmer all the way up in Madison, Wis. Gloria found this contraption at a farm in Menomonie, Wis., and has a vague idea of what the device may be, it is up to the Midwest Messenger readers to figure out how this metal circle with two handles was used.

So, readers, “What’s This?” and why does it work the way it does?

Send your responses by Friday, July 26, to Jager Robinson via email at Jager.Robinson@lee.net or through the postal service at Jager Robinson, Tri-State Neighbor, 309 W. 43rd St., Sioux Falls, S.D. 57105.

Be sure to include your hometown, name and age in your responses. Responses will run in the Aug. 2 issue.