Kappel clue

Carolyn Kappel of Miller, Nebraska has submitted this bowl for readers to guess at its purpose.

She said that the bowl is at least 150 pounds of iron and was found a good half mile in the middle of hilly farmland.

There is also a post with a pulley system that she believes was used to lift this massive bowl, but she is unsure as to why the bowl has cogs on the bottom as if it was used as a grinder.

“What’s This?” and why does it work the way it does?

Send your responses by Sunday, May 31, to Jager Robinson via email at Jager.Robinson@lee.net or through the postal service at P.O. Box 239, Tekamah, NE 68061.

Be sure to include your hometown, name and age in your responses. Responses will run in the June 5 issue of Midwest Messenger.