5-24-19 what's this number 19 hook

Bev Smedra of Ord, Neb., said this edition’s clue was found on the farm but no one knows what it is.

There’s a little hook on the end of the larger hook, which would be odd for a bale hook. And the big hook may not be open enough to work well on a small bale. It looks like it’s designed for a round handle to slide on the end but it is smaller than a spade handle.

“We thought of a bale hook, but it is more rounded curve than a bale hook, plus the little hook on the end,” she said. “The hole for the handle is much smaller than a bale hook handle or even a garden hoe handle. More the size of a broom handle diameter.”

So, readers, the question is: “What’s This?”

Send your responses, ideas, even guesses by Friday, May 31, and we’ll share them in our June 7 issue. Send them to terry.anderson@lee.net or Terry Anderson, News Editor, Midwest Messenger, Box 239, Tekamah NE 68061.