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Soybean residue value

soybean residue baling

Factors such as late harvest delaying baling of corn residue, higher hay prices, and opportunity to sell soybean residue may have resulted in more soybean residue baling this year.

Baling of soybean residue after harvest has gained popularity again this fall due to higher hay prices and forage shortages following drought. Further, delayed corn harvests are also slowing stalks residue baling and stalks grazing. According to the USDA AMS Nebraska Direct Hay sales report, large round corn stalks bale values are $110 per ton versus $80 per ton for large round soybean residue bales.

So, the question arises, do soybean residue bale values justify raking and baling costs, reduced soil protection and nutrient removal?

Overall, soybean residue feeding value is less, since this forage is not as a palatable as other fall crop residues. Based on research, it is recommended to leave at least 2 tons of residue in the field to maintain soil organic matter, and even more cover residue may be needed to protect fields from wind and soil erosion. So, soybean residue baling is only recommended on fields where yields were higher than 60 bushels per acre linked with only 1 ton of soybean forage produced for every 30 bushels of soybean seeds harvested per acre.

For soybean fields with yields higher than 60 bushels per acre, lightly raking and baling a portion of the residue may be justified, especially when forages are in short supply. Our UNL Nebraska Custom Rates guide pegs statewide average baling costs at $16.20 per acre and raking costs at $8.09 per acre. Then, the $55 per ton valuing difference between input costs and market price comes down to placing a final value on nutrients removed and possible soil and water erosion.

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