Aspiring farmer

The Aspiring Farmer Virtual Course is a six-week interactive online course beginning Oct. 6 for aspiring and beginning farmers interested in starting or improving their small- to mid-scale produce, livestock or other diversified operations.

From dreaming and creating a vision to developing a sound business and marketing plan, course participants will be well-equipped to take the next steps in starting their farm operation. Course work will include weekly presentations, and discussions and interactions with peers, instructors, and farmers in the region. The anticipated time commitment for this course is 3-4 hours per week (one 90-minute evening session per week, plus one highly encouraged weekly lunch hour discussion, and no more than one hour of pre-work before each weekly evening session). Instructors for this course are individuals from Nebraska Extension and Center for Rural Affairs. The course will be housed through Google Classroom. Registration is required. $65, scholarships are available upon request.

It is highly recommended that you have access to a computer, however, we are able to make individual accommodations. Please contact Katie Kreuser at for more information.

To register, please visit: