Agnition procure

If reducing stress on your emerging corn and increasing the health of your soil is important to you, then a new product from Ralco Agriculture may be just the thing.

Procure for corn is the newest seed treatment in Minnesota-based Ralco’s Agnition line, which started in 2011.

“The core technology is Microbial Catalyst,” said Mike Holmberg, Agnition associate brand manager. “It unlocks enzymes necessary to make photosynthesis more efficient.”

Procure targets the biological system of the corn plant, he said. An infusion of iron also helps the corn seedling have quicker emergence. Once plant growth begins, the treatment helps it break through barriers and start gaining more energy from the sun, Holmberg said.

“A new application of core chemicals stimulates the native biological system,” he said, “boosting the health of the soil through increased microbe activity.”

With a stronger root core, Holmberg said the fledgling corn plants are better equipped to handle cold, wet soils, moisture stress and wind events. According to Holmberg, the plants from seeds treated with Procure absorb carbon dioxide from the air more efficiently. The carbon is then released into the soil. This boosts soil health.

“The overall result is a darker green plant that produces more chlorophyll,” Holmberg said. “This has the potential to increase yield.”

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