Rulo, Nebraska farmer Jimmy Frederick wants to share his recipe for high soybean yields.

Frederick won last season’s Asgrow National Yield Contest in Nebraska by harvesting 118.4 bushels per acre. He credits the AG36X6 Xtend variety brand seeds he uses for most of his success.

“I’ve been using the AG36X6 for the last couple of years,” Frederick said. “I feel comfortable with the genetics.”

The expert farmer also likes that he can manipulate the plant growth regulators to fit his planting scheme. This allows him to adjust for changes in population. In fact, he said he dropped his population to 70,000 this time.

While his experience and his seeds play a role, Frederick also likes the soil in his area. There’s “decent dirt” in the eastern Nebraska Missouri River area, he said.

He does monitor his soil, though. After hitting a growth plateau a while back, Frederick sent soil samples to Next Level Ag Labs in Alpina, South Dakota, for testing. They recommended changes in the microbials. He listened and reaped the benefits.

Still, he thinks the basic reason for his accomplishments begins with dependable, quality seed.

“I’ve tried different mixes,” Frederick said. “But, I always include these in the mix.”

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