Scribner, Neb.

Harvest is done. We finished up this past weekend. Corn yields were surprisingly good considering the rough spring start and the dry spell we hit during July and August. A whole farm average showed yields near 200 bushel per acre.

The grain moisture didn’t drop much. Most was harvested in the 17-18% moisture range. Our hybrids stood well, and ear retention was excellent as well.

We have the calves weaned and cows out on the corn stalks. As I said, ear retention was good, so there is less concern about the cows getting too much corn as they are out grazing when compared to the last two years.

With harvest finished, we have time to catch up on other tasks. We are wrapping up some projects that got started this summer. Rearranging our shop and tool storage are tasks on the list. There is never a lack of work to be done.

Anna has been working with her 4-H steer and heifer. She hopes to go to some progress shows over the next few months. This is her last year in 4-H, and she wants to make the most of it as far as trips to the show ring. This is something completely different for Sid and I. We never did much showing, and Anna’s older siblings showed only at the county fair. Anna enjoys working with the cattle, and we all enjoy getting to meet people at the shows.

It truly is the people you meet and connections made that are most valuable as we share our farming and agricultural passion. – Ruth Ready