Roy Reinke

Producer Progress Reporter, Roy Reinke of Reinke Farms and Swan Farms.

Columbus and York, Neb.

Well, the last corn rows have gone through the head, the last windrows have gone through the baler and the colored water has gone through the pivot.

They say that you should leave the best for last so you can go out on a good feeling.

Well, we have a field that had a foot of water sitting on it for better than three weeks. This is not the river farm. This is the home place. The lay of the upland causes this to happen at times, however this year was extreme. The water went down, and we worked the ground and hoped for the best.

We planted at 32,600 population to a Pioneer 114-day hybrid for chopping. We ended up chopping a lot less this year. The crop appraiser called a yield of 268 bushels per acre. I told him it was better than that because of where he checked. The monitor read 300 from one end row to the other.

I’m not much on monitors or weigh wagons, but when that tin can on the home place gets full, I know that was a good year. This field has been continuous corn for 40 years with just nitrogen, cattle manure and pig manure added all those years. With all the talk and research on no-till verses tillage, I believe in tillage. It works on this farm and has for 40 years.

This was the first field harvested but we combined a lot of good corn on the balance of the land. The river land turned out really good, too.

We shipped a pen of fed cattle and got a pen of feeders back in. No lay off this winter.

Always watching the forecasts, I just do the normal things to winterize equipment, pivots, pens, feed supplies, clean up, put away – being prepared for the unexpected. The life of a livestock feeder – it’s what we do.

Local Cash basis: ADM Columbus corn -0.12, Richland corn -0.17, Richland soybeans -0.99, Cattle $115. – Roy Reinke

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