Pig looking at camera

The Nebraska Pork Expo is going virtual, and it's happening July 8.

A free webinar will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for those who register at becomeafan.org.

Producers large and small, contract and independent, and those just learning about the industry, are invited to sessions on topics including nutrient management, county zoning regulations and permitting processes, financial considerations and secure pork supply. The day includes panel discussions covering workforce, niche pig production and integrated pork production. Carrie Horezeck, innovation and foresight consultant, will round out the day with a conversation on Generation Z and how younger generations view pork protein.

This event is sponsored by the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN), the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, and the Nebraska Pork Producers Association.

“The pork industry in Nebraska continues to grow and there are many great options for farmers depending on your operation and goals," AFAN executive director Steve Martin said. "There are opportunities in direct to user sales, working as an independent producer for a niche market as well as several types of integrated models. Adding a pork component to a farming operation increases cash flow and provides valuable nutrients that can offset commercial fertilizer costs.”