A Nebraska cattle company has shattered the world-record price for a single bull.

Charles W. Herbster and Herbster Angus Farms of Falls City, Neb., paid $1.51 million, nearly double the previous record, for SAV America 8018. Herbster bought the bull at the Schaff Angus Valley ranch production sale Feb. 9 near St. Anthony, N.D.

The previous record price was set last year at the Schaff sale, when a bull brought $800,000.

For $1.51 million, Schaff retains 20 percent of semen interest and America will remain on the Schaff ranch. Herbster holds the remaining 80 percent semen interest.

In addition to the record price, America broke the Schaff record for 205-day weight at 1,107 pounds.

Herbster Angus Farms’ website said America “will be an important part of the Herbster Angus Farms breeding program and forever represent the great country we live in. Semen orders have been accumulating since last summer; therefore semen will be limited on this young herd sire.”

America’s mother, SAV Madame Pride 0075, has generated over $5.5 million in progeny sales for Schaff Angus Valley, and was in the herd until she was 20 years old. The sire was SAV President 6847.