DENVER – The Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program recently added a new tagging option. Producers utilizing Red Angus genetics can now enroll their calves in the FCCP and Allied Access programs and purchase standalone EID tags. These “button-only” tags still meet the PVP requirements outlined by USDA. More cattle feeders and packers are requesting EID-tagged cattle and this new option enables commercial cattlemen and women to meet that demand while retaining complete access to all FCCP and AA marketing alternatives.

“Red Angus is excited to bring standalone EID tags to our already successful Feeder Calf Certification Program. We want to make sure our customers are receiving the best possible value when ordering tags and investing their money in Red Angus genetics. We look forward to expanding our array of tag options and know it will provide a positive return on investment for Red Angus producers,” said Chessie Mitchell, RAAA tag programs coordinator.

The FCCP combines three important components into a value-added program: genetics, source and age verification. Red Angus producers recognize the value of the yellow FCCP tag and continue to see market-topping premiums for a minimal investment in enrolling their Red Angus-sired calves. The tag is now available in three options – the traditional visual tag for 99 cents each, the EID button only for $2, or a combination visual and RFID tag for $3 each. The 99 cents tag returns, on average, a $2.98-per-hundredweight premium, which equates to nearly $18 on a 600-pound feeder calf and more than $1,400 on a truckload of tagged calves. Compound that figure in terms of truckloads of calves, and beef producers are quick to realize the value of verified Red Angus genetics. Producers who enroll in the FCCP are able to capitalize on demand from feeders and packers to fill various Angus product lines.

The FCCP was first established in 1995 and to date nearly 2.5 million head of Red Angus-influenced calves have worn the profitable yellow tag. Producers must answer a few breeding and management questions such as, verifying traceability to at least 50 percent Red Angus breed influence, to enroll in the program and can do so by contacting Mitchell at 940-226-4762 ext. 2.

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