DENVER – Red Angus enthusiasts can plan to be in Denver the first week of January for many years to come. The Red Angus Association of America’s Board of Directors decided to make the National Western Stock Show the permanent home for the National Red Angus Open Show.

The decision was made at the January board meeting, held in conjunction with the NWSS, and was based on many years of increasing attendance and entries at the prestigious stock show. Moving forward, the NWSS will host the National Red Angus Open Show while the National Red Angus Junior Show will continue its rotation to various sites.

“The RAAA Board’s decision to make the NWSS the permanent home of our national open show was logical, because of its central location, growth in the number of cattle shown there each year, and it’s close to our national office as well,” said Tom Brink, Red Angus CEO.

Chessie Mitchell, Red Angus show coordinator, is pleased with the quality of cattle being entered in national shows and looks forward to the future of the Red Angus show circuit.

“The Red Angus breed has long been known for excellent quality both in and out of the show ring. An increase in entries is no surprise as a large number of producers have turned to Red Angus in recent years,” said Mitchell.