8 Burwell Livestock Market, Special Calf & Feeder, Burwell, Neb.

8 Crawford Livestock Market, Special Feeder, Crawford, Neb.

8 Dunlap Livestock Auction, Special Calf/Yrlg, Dunlap, Iowa

8 Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction, Special Bred Cow & Hfr, Ft. Pierre, S.D.

8 Hueftle Cattle Co. 16th Annual Red Angus Bull Sale, Cozad, Neb.

8 Lexington Livestock Market, Special Calf & Feeder, Lexington, Neb.

8 Wahoo Livestock Sales, Special Feeder Cattle, Wahoo, Neb.

9 Bulls of the Prairie

9 Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market, Special Bred Cow & Heifer, Ericson, Neb.

9 HERB Angus Annual Working Man’s Bull Sale, Pierce, Neb.

9 JD Performance Center Power & Pounds Production Sale, Wymore, Neb.

9 Lienetics Legacy/Willer Optimum Performance Sale, Beatrice, Neb.

10 28th Annual Boyer Limousin & Linn-Flex Production Sale, Liberty, Neb.

10 Gonsior Simmentals Annual Production Sale, Fullerton, Neb.

11 Tegtmeier Polled Herefords 57th Annual Production, Burchard, Neb.

11 West Point Livestock Auction, Preconditioned Feeders, West Point, Neb.

12 Creighton Livestock Market, Feeder Calves, Creighton, Neb.

12 Philip Livestock Auction, Special Feeder Cattle & BV replacement Hfrs, Philip, Neb.

13 Albion Livestock Market, Cattle Sale, Albion, Neb.

13 Bassett Livestock Auction, Special Feeder Cattle, Bassett, Neb.

13 Huss Livestock Market, Special Calf & Feeder, Kearney, Neb.

13 Ogallala Livestock Auction Market, Special Stockcow & 1st Calf Heifer, Ogallala, Neb.

14 Broken Bow Livestock, Bred Cows & Bred Heifers, Broken Bow, Neb.

14 Columbus Sales Pavilion, Feeders Sale, Columbus, Neb.

14 Denison Livestock, Special Calf & Yearling, Denison, Iowa

14 Shamrock Livestock Market, Cattle Sale, O’Neill, Neb.

14 West Point Livestock Auction, Special Bred Female & Leaders Angus Bulls, West Point, Neb.

15 Burwell Livestock Market, Special Calf & Feeder, Burwell, Neb.

15 Dunlap Livestock Auction, Special Western Iowa Preconditioned Calf/Yrlg, Dunlap, Iowa

15 Ft. Pierre Livestock, Big Special Grass, Feeder & Replacement Hfr, Ft. Pierre, S.D.

15 Lexington Livestock Market, Special Calf & Feeder, Lexington, Neb.

15 Wahoo Livestock Sales, Royal Hoofers Bull & Special Pair Bred Cow, Wahoo, Neb.

16 Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market, Special Cattle, Ericson, Neb.

16 Ft. Pierre Livestock, Special Weighup Sale, Ft. Pierre, S.D.

16 Gardells Lazy Four Angus Annual Production Sale, Kearney, Neb.

16 T & S Charolais Annual Production Sale, Formosa, Kan.

17 Cattlemen’s Choice Bull Sale, Greenleaf, Kan.

18 Flatwater Gang Annual Bull Sale, Broken Bow, Neb.

19 Bartles Angus Annual Bull Sale, Riverton, Neb.

19 Ericson Registered Angus Annual Bull Sale, Ericson, Neb.

20 Wagonhammer Ranch Production Sale, Bartlett, Neb.

20 York Creek Red Angus Annual Bull Sale, Dunlap, Iowa

21 DBL Annual Angus & LimFlex Bull Sale, Fullerton, Neb.

23 Connealy Angus Annual Bull Sale, Whitman, NE

25 The Cattlemens Cut Bull and Female Sale, Belleville, Kan. POSTPONED from March 14

26 Annual Hay Country Angus Bull Sale, Atkinson, Neb.

26 BM Angus Sale POSTPONED from March 12

26 Grabenstein Top Gun Cattle Co Angus Production Sale, Smithfield, Neb.

27 Nebraska Bull Test & Sale, Broken Bow, Neb.

28 Schuler Red Angus 37th Annual Bull, Bridgeport, Neb.

30 Flying H Annual Production Sale Sale POSTPONED from March 2


2 Calvo Family Red Angus Bull Sale, Bassett, Neb.

4 Dethlefs Angus & Treffer Angus Annual Joint Production Sale, Loup City, Neb.

5 Spring Lake Angus Annual Production Sale, Lynch, Neb.

6 Kraye Angus 28th Annual Bull Sale, Mullen, Neb.

10 Dybdal Charolais 8th Annual Bull & Female Sale, Laurel, Neb.

13 University of Nebraska Bull Sale, Lincoln, Neb.