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Producer Progress Report

Corn, beans hit growth spurt in hot days

Bagging silage

Krista Podany and Carl Dobias of Verdigre, Neb., work to bag corn silage. They run a custom silage and haying business in addition to raising their own crops and livestock.

Hello everyone from our lil’ part of the Bohemian Alps. We have been blessed by some beautiful rains. It has been exciting to go the rain gauge and see and actual measure. Now I pray it doesn't up and stop. Seems like one is never satisfied, always wanting more or something else.

It has been sweltering hot these past few days and already some corn has begun to roll to protect the stalk, begging for a little drink. The dew and early morning fog has been heavy enough to get your boots wet walking through the grass, so I marked the calendar to see what we get in 90 days. With the warmer days the corn and beans have really been shooting up tall, just waiting to be noticed.

Lots of alfalfa has been put down. Unfortunately, some got a bit of rain before it was baled. We are still picking up tree branches from the edges of the hay field from past storms so we can get in the field. Guess it is quicker and cheaper to pick up branches than to repair the sickle bar. The aroma is great as new alfalfa is being cut down and laid to dry.

The irrigation guys' are hustling and busy replacing the pivots that were damaged by the storms. It is hard for some neighbors to be patient as they are waiting for their new pivots to be put up.

A few of the crops with some early season sets backs are not getting very tall before heading out. They will need to be harvested differently than planned.

Carl has had a few calls on the availability of crop bags for the bagger. Of course, like everything else the price seems to be going up and up. So the bagger is next on the maintenance list. The cylinders for the bagger had to be redone. We don't want to throw away anything until we know if parts can be found or if the guys need to rebuild it.

We are finding out that some parts are indefinitely on back order. Not what you want to hear. I guess that is why we have line of equipment here for parts only. We had success after a few phone calls, so there will be a parts run today.

I appreciate all the livestock pens that have automatic waters and those pastures with the creek running through them. One needs to tend to the water tanks in the smaller pens more than once a day in the heat. There is a timer in one horse pen that I have to listen for. The old mare with an attitude nickers and kicks at the tub if she thinks it is too low.

The horses are all taking turns as to who gets tied out for the day to do a mowing job. They love the grass around the trees. I usually have more than one horse tied out, but when the horses wrap the chain around the tree 12 times and then dance around and pull and break the hook they have to wait until I find a new hook.

The nickering sure gets loud if they don't get tied out. I think they think I cant hear. It could also be “selective” hearing.

I have had a few encounters with the old snapping turtles. They are laying eggs along the lane. I always thought turtles to be slow, but those older and wiser snapping turtles can pivot on a dime and they mean business when they hiss. I just let them go about their business. The dog, Nikki, has learned to take a wide walk around them as well.

I have tried to mark out the spot where they lay eggs. I would like to see the little ones venture out, but I’m not sure if they will survive the snoopy raccoons.

The mineral tub garden so far is doing well. Time will tell if I made a good choice. I see a few blooms setting on and a couple of tiny tomatoes have appeared. I can hardly wait for the first tomato fresh from the garden. From the looks of the zucchini blooms there will be enough for all and then some.

Our daughter Elisha lives down by Malcolm where a severe hailstorm wiped out her lovely garden, beat up their house, buildings and neighbors' crops. Everyone works so hard to get a crop and garden in and in a blink of the eye it can be gone.

The weeds can grow in rain or hot sunshine. It seems like I have been pulling them up forever. I would prefer to just mow the wicked nettles over, but I think it only makes then multiply. I can almost hear some of them laughing “you can't get me!” I choose not to use much weed killer but the nettles may just get a big dose, then we will see who's laughing.

Well I hear my timer going off, so I best get back to outside business. Keep safe and watch for the slower and bigger equipment going up and down the road and the occasional old snapping turtle.

Blessings from the House of Dobias to yours. Have a great day and smile. If you get the chance, dance in the rain.

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