Brian Pfarr

Brian Pfarr

We received about 7 inches of snow in two different events in our corner of southwestern Minnesota last month. It brought corn harvest to a stand still with the snow sticking to the ears of corn.

With favorable weather this week, corn that is left in the field should come out quickly.

I was able to finish harvest the Friday before the snow came. It was nice to complete harvest in dry conditions. The yields and test weight were well above what everyone expected. What made the harvest move right along was the corn was dry right out of the field and saved a lot of time not having to dry basically anything.

Farmers were able to get out and get tillage done even with the snow that we received, for the most part the tillage is caught up and a lot of that fieldwork will be finishing up this week also.

There were a number of cover crop fields that were planted before the snow hit, which made planting go really smoothly. With the conditions we had with planting cover crops there should be a great stand of cereal rye in the spring for planting the soybeans next spring.

We were able to have the cows out on corn stocks for a while, which helped with not having to supplemental feed up to this point. With the freezing conditions some of the cattle were taken out of pasture due to water freezing up and the snow covering the ground.

In preparation for next year, we are getting seed ordered and looking at the yield plots to see which verities did well with the conditions that we had last year.

Some of the management changes that we are looking at implementing next year includes doing more no-till soybeans.

In my area, there have been some school restrictions due to COVID cases, and remote learning is occurring.

Brian Pfarr farms in Redwood County, Minn. He submitted his report Nov. 2.