Lance and Jaylea Hourigan

Lance and Jaylea Hourigan

LEMMON, S.D. — The official start of summer is here, and producers like Lance and Jaylea Hourigan are out scouting their crops and finishing up in-crop spraying.

“We are finishing up with wheat and then will go back to spraying in-crop corn. We have a majority of that done already,” said Lance Hourigan, who farms with his dad, Bob, in the Lemmon area.

Lance uses a tank mix to attack broadleaf and grass weeds, along with a fungicide to protect the crop.

When Lance finishes in-crop corn spraying, he will move on to spraying for weeds in sunflowers.

“By then, hopefully, we can park the sprayer until fall,” he said.

The Hourigans don’t have to worry about too many pest problems with their crops.

“We deal with seed weevils in sunflowers, but we won’t have to worry about that until bloom,” Lance said. “We occasionally have issues with grasshoppers, but it’s not a common problem. We generally don’t deal with too many pests in-crop.”

Crops are looking good out in the sunny fields at the Hourigan farm.

“The first wheat we planted is headed out and looking good,” he said. “Some wheat — where rain has been a little more sparse — is showing some stress on the hilltops, but it looks good overall.”

Lance also said their corn came up really well this year, as well the soybeans and sunflowers.

Their hay crop is continuing to grow out in the fields, but due to the topsoil drying out, it’s mostly an average crop.

“We will start haying soon,” he said. “We took a few days off to relax a little after a long spring planting.”

The cattle are out on pasture and glad to be out on green grass, Lance said.

Meanwhile, the Hourigans are watching the skies for more rain.

“We could use another rain again. We have been continuing to get small showers, but could use a good soaking rain,” Lance concluded.