Producer Progress Reporter M&W Regier Farms

Rachael Dente, Producer Progress Reporter for M&W Regier Farms.

Henderson, Neb.

Thanksgiving is going to be cold and snowy. The bucket and snowblower are attached to the tractors and ready for 4-8 inches of snow this week. Hopefully, the weather will keep this up throughout winter because the nitrogen snow deposits would be beneficial in our fields.

Relatives from Kansas will be visiting us in Nebraska, and it will be pleasant to spend time with them over the holidays. This past week has simply been cleaning up the last few bits of harvesting equipment, along with disking before spring. The decision was made not to fertilize until later, which will leave more time to check over the planter and perform necessary maintenance in preparation for planting in the spring.

Corn yields were very high this year, but prices just aren’t as high as we would like yet. We are, however, able to make up for some of the losses in soybeans.

A major task that hasn’t been done in a few years was the ripping the semi trails in the fields. Every 4-5 years, the soil that is constantly driven over gets compressed and has to be ripped up every so often. This allows the ground to keep aerated.

All in all, harvest is wrapping up very nicely and I feel like my grandpa is excited to get back in his woodworking shed. — Rachael Dente, Heartland Community Schools

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