Producer Progress Reporter M&W Regier Farms

Rachael Dente, Producer Progress Reporter for M&W Regier Farms.

Henderson, Neb.

Harvest has finally arrived. We finished up harvest preparations and have finally gotten into the field this week. The trucks are also being looked over and serviced.

Our goal was to start harvest at the beginning of October, and we have succeeded. We hope the weather will keep cooperating with us so we can get the job done.

There is always an opportunity to start harvesting the corn since the ground can still be reasonably wet. The corn is actually what needs to be picked as soon as possible because the stalks are still deteriorating. Our hope is that the stalks will be sturdy enough for harvest but the extra moisture from the season has us a little worried.

The soybeans cannot be harvested yet because it’s impossible to harvest if the ground isn’t dry. On the upside, the break from the rain and the warm weather from this past week has caused the soybeans to yellow out, mature, and hopefully speed up its picking date. All in all, harvest will be an exciting season and we look forward to accomplishing the task. - Rachael Dente, Heartland Community Schools

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