Producer Progress Reporter M&W Regier Farms

Rachael Dente, Producer Progress Reporter for M&W Regier Farms.

Henderson, Neb.

December as a whole was a decently good month. We had ample rain moisture that would’ve equated to about 2-3 feet in snow. This will lead to fantastic subsoil moisture this spring. The most pressing chore would be hauling corn into town when the weather allows. When weather does not allow, however, busy work like repairing harvest equipment and starting on personal wood projects are being done.

Winter is a good time to reflect on the growing year as a whole and think about global events that could possibly affect markets in coming months. The outlooks on corn prices have been fairly positive. People are predicting increasing markets, which is very exciting news considering prices haven’t been the highest these past couple of years. That being said, it’s always concerning when global conflicts such as the disputes in Iran and China can possibly affect our livelihoods, but it is very much a concern of ours now. Hopefully these conflicts can be somewhat resolved before they leak over into corn prices.

News from South America is also interesting for us because at this moment, the dryness is affecting their crops in the reproductive stages. If their crop isn’t particularly fruitful, it could mean better corn prices for us this coming year. In general, the month of December has given us time to reflect on the year as a whole and has given us ample time to start on our own projects. — Rachael Dente

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