PPR Mikayla Martensen

Mikayla Emerson of Martensen Cattle in Humphrey, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Humphrey, Nebraska

Hello everyone, here are some updates about the happenings of Martensen Cattle.

In my last report, I said that calves would be hitting the ground left and right in the upcoming weeks. As it turns out, I was underestimating our cows, as calving is now going full speed. The cows always seem to like to calve the most on days with bad weather, like when it snows and there is mud everywhere. It is crazy how quickly the Nebraska weather can change, with it being sunny and 75 one day, then snowy and freezing cold the next. The weather makes it extremely difficult to take care of the calves, especially when it is wet and rainy. When it is sunny, the calves are fine out in the fields, but rain and snow make the ground muddy and the calves are freezing. We try to get all of the newborns in the barn, but when we run out of pens, there is really nothing we can do. We attempt to get every calf into a heat box, but those fill up quickly, as well. Calving is currently our main priority, so planting is still at the back of our minds.

Although our operation has not been affected by COVID-19, it has affected me on a personal level. As a senior in high school, I have been looking forward to State FFA, FCCLA, and speech. However, the spread of COVID-19 has led to these events being cancelled. This has been very hard to come to terms with, because it is the last year I can participate in these events. I had also qualified for State FFA and FCCLA in contests, and I am also receiving my State FFA Degree. Although COVID-19 has affected people with sickness, the repercussions of its spread have affected more than meets the eye.

I hope you are all staying corona-free, and have plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. See you all in a couple of weeks for more updates about Martensen Cattle! — Mikayla Martensen