PPR Mikayla Martensen

Mikayla Emerson of Martensen Cattle in Humphrey, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Humphrey, Nebraska

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having. Here are some updates on Martensen Cattle.

We have been staying very busy. Between calving and planting season, there is always something that needs to be done. Recently we took advantage of the nice weather and vaccinated our older calves, and branded them, as well. By doing this, they are now ready for pasture. Hopefully, we get some rain on the pastures, so then the grass can start growing. We usually aim to get cattle into the pastures by the end of May. We have about 40 head left to calve, but we haven’t been getting many calves, usually only one or two a day. At this rate, calving season will be spread longer than we expected.

The sunny days we have been having has also made it easy to get ahead on planting. Hopefully, Mother Nature holds off on the rain for a few days so we can finish corn and get started on beans.

At ADM in Columbus, corn is $3.05, with futures at $2.80. Beans are $7.66, as of April 27. — Mikayla Martensen