PPR Paul Orr

Paul Orr of Orr Farms in North Platte, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

North Platte, Nebraska

I hope that all of the readers had a special and memorable Easter Sunday. We had a very special day here with the family and the hired help.

I got the strip tiller going on Thursday. I finished one pivot on Friday and then got started on our far west field. Fieldwork went great Saturday, the weather and conditions were good. Our new help, Andrew, went up fencing in the hills that day. He somehow ended up with the exact right number of fence posts and headed out just as a rain cloud was chasing him back to the valley.

At the same moment, I was finishing the field up west. Got back to the yard just in time to open up the shop door for him to drive the fencing pickup in. Well, I waited for the rain to settle down and we fired up Moonpie’s smoker. We smoked three chickens for Easter dinner and I made some fresh lemonade. The key to old-fashioned lemonade is to boil the rinds and use some of that water in your mix.

We will be thinking about planting corn maybe by April 20. We have a few days to finish getting everything ready to go. Especially the next couple of days, which should be in the 30s and windy. No equipment changes this year other than our sprayer. We switched from a 60-foot pull type to a 90-foot pull type, which we still need to get set up.

Later this week we’re going to set up some portable corrals and load up the heifer pairs and turn them out on the rye with the others. Then the next day, we can drive everything over to the big corrals and have a branding. When we get that all done, it will be time to get back in the fields.

The crab apple trees look like they are getting ready to blossom; the wild asparagus should be appearing soon as well.

My great-aunt, Jane, passed away. She was 94. We had a family burial service for her at Fort Mcpherson National Cemetery. It seems significant for her to be buried on Good Friday. Rest in peace Jane, you will be remembered in love and respect for many generations. — Paul Orr