PPR Paul Orr

Paul Orr of Orr Farms in North Platte, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

North Platte, Nebraska

The days have been unseasonably warm and comfortable and calm. I noticed that the mulberry trees on the place have turned a nice fall yellow. Most years the leaves will freeze and fall off and still have their dark green color. But we have yet to experience a killing frost or freezing temperatures of any kind. The alfalfa still continues to grow.

With every day in the 80s, it is hard to imagine the corn still holding on to its moisture. The combine is greased, oiled and ready to go, and our driest corn is 20%. I believe we are still a week away from picking corn. I’m looking forward to it. One thing that is different this year is that we didn’t get much wind this summer. The corn is all very upright and standing quite well.

This week we brought a group of cows home from a leased pasture. One blessing is our wet meadow. Because of the dry hot weather, I hayed it early, in late June. It sub-irrigates and it ended up with a nice amount of regrowth. I had never done it the following way, but I brought the cows directly off of the pasture and onto this meadow. I’ll hold them there until the rest of the cows come home. It’s good to try different things as the season dictates.

The dry season caused us to bring some cows home early. It also caused us to put up hay early, and get the regrowth we needed to finish the season. As I write this, it is Oct. 11. I think the rest of the cows will come home in two weeks and we’ll start weaning then. There is plenty of hay and alfalfa to get the calves through until sale day and the cows until spring. And that’s even planning for the possibility of a full month of the cornfields being snowed under, which I’ve personally never seen.

With the hay put up, the cows grazing, and no corn to pick, and no grass to mow, this week should be nice. There’s time for the more important things is life, like visiting some friends. It’s easy to be caught up in “bigger” and “faster” and “more”, “newer”, “better”. Does one not first need time to be able to enjoy what one is doing, and be comfortable managing the responsibilities one has in front of them? It can be a blessing or a burden, and it is a fine line to follow. Enjoy the fall while it’s here in all its glory.

Cash corn, $3.65; basis -.25. Cash soybeans, $9.80; basis -.64. — Paul Orr