PPR Paul Orr

Paul Orr of Orr Farms in North Platte, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

North Platte, Nebraska

It's good to go out and see some new country.

My hired man, Andrew, and I went away for a few days. We went to see a bunch of wild cowboys in one of Red Cloud’s old war party camps. One thing I kept hearing over and over was “this is the life.” Well, I'm here to tell you something: this is the life.

Another thing I heard lately is something that many people may not realize: “farming can be fun.” Well, farming can be fun. Farming should be fun, and farming is fun. Another bit of wisdom I picked up on: “If man can build it, man can fix it.” Words to live by.

We also got to help put up some hay while we were away. It's a fun feeling, raking hay with an Oliver 1750 while a Learjet is taking off beside you. The pilots do wave.

Then we did some cliff jumping at Glendo Reservoir. It is a great lake. I realized that Glendo is just upstream of Lake McConaughy on the North Platte River.

The nice thing was that we received good rain before we left. We had a half inch, and then 90 hundredths and then 20 hundredths. What a difference that made. We have not had any hail. We also have not really had any wind damage, which has been a blessing.

The corn is tasseling and is almost full height.

I think we will flood some of the alfalfa fields before the third cutting. Most of it is coming back pretty well, but there are still a few dry spots.

The pastures look great and the cows look good, too. It was so dry in the valley, though, that I had irrigated some of our valley pasture.

It's good to come home to green fields. I am going to make a list of projects that we really need to finish. We can start getting them out of the way in between irrigating and replacing some old fences. It will be a good thing to finish up things that we started, and then I'll be able to clearly see what to do next.

Have fun out there and remember: this is the life.