PPR Emerson Randa

Emerson Randa of Randa Red Angus in Verdigre, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Verdigre, Nebraska

In reference to my last article, I might have spoken too soon about the winter wonderland leaving the building. We received around three inches of snow this last Friday and are expecting another three to four this Thursday. I thought we were done with the white stuff, turns out we needed a little more.

Slowly, but surely, more babies have been dropping. Currently, we are getting one to two new calves a day. We aren’t complaining about the slowness though; it has been nice to focus on one baby at a time, to make sure the first few hours of life are going well. After the cows have their calves, we move the pairs to a separate pasture to help prevent sickness in the calves. Recently, we purchased a bull to help improve our genetic line here at the Randa ranch.

Other new arrivals on the farm are our baby chicks. They came in last Wednesday; my nieces and nephew have fallen in love with the little fluff balls and so have the rest of us. One other unexpected arrival is my sister, Madisen, returning home a bit early from college, due to the coronavirus that has closed down the university and many other colleges.

The recent pandemic that has struck the nation has taken its toll on our small little farming community and several surrounding us. We’ve cancelled fish fry’s, dance recitals, but thankfully, not school yet. When I found out about our State FFA Convention being cancelled, I realized the severity of this disease. Except, it kinda stinks, not being able to compete in something you have worked so very hard on. But I’ve come to realize that we are all in this together, and the problems of this teenage girl don’t compare to what others may be going through.

This is Emerson Randa reporting to you from the Randa Red Angus Ranch, hoping all of you stay safe, sane, and sanitary! — Emerson Randa