Scribner, Neb.

2020 is here and with it the optimism of a new year and a fresh start.

Over the past two weeks, I have seen, heard, and read the word optimism numerous times. Sid was recently watching a documentary on homesteaders in North Dakota. My great-grandfather homesteaded the quarter section just west of where we live, so the topic has a personal connection. One of the historians commented that the only way the homesteaders ever managed to succeed was their optimism. No matter the struggles they faced, the homesteaders kept thinking that next year was going to be better. Our outlook on 2020 isn’t much different. Last year had more than its share of challenges and failures, but we remain optimistic and start again.

Sid took the opportunity of a few days off from teaching during the Christmas break to talk with our crop input providers. Plans have been made for fertilizer programs and options discussed for herbicides. We have also made our final seed decisions so the preplanning for the growing season is done. Of course, we know our plans can change, but we do the best we can with the information we have at the time.

Warmer than normal weather continues for us on the Ready Farm. We missed the snow that much of the central and western parts of the state had at the end of December. Our precipitation came as rain totaling close to 2 inches. It has made things muddy, but I would rather deal with that than the heavy snow and drifting elsewhere in Nebraska.

The warm weather has allowed us to do some cleanup and rearranging in our shop and other storage areas. During the growing season, it seems that these jobs tend to fall to the bottom of the priority list, so it is nice that we can do some catching up during the winter months.

Hopefully, your 2020 is off to a good start and whatever challenges arise you have the ability to meet them and overcome. May our optimism be rewarded and encouraged throughout the new year. — Ruth Ready

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