Corn and soybeans are up, and as soon as we get consistently warmer weather and sunshine, the crops should really take off.

We have had around 2.5 inches of rain over the last week. We are lucky that we have not gotten the deluge that we have heard about in other parts of Nebraska. This type of rainfall has also been ideal for establishing our new alfalfa. The drippy weather has caused some changes in plans, but the moisture has been welcome.

Weather seems to impact nearly every decision we make on the Ready farm. We can try to make plans but often the weather doesn’t cooperate. Other times the weather creates issues we weren’t expecting. It seems weather is a continual subject of conversation.

I didn’t realize how weather-centric my thinking was until I was discussing the topic with some non-farmers. They seemed puzzled by the idea that I couldn’t say exactly when a particular farm job would get done due to the wild card weather factor. When I told them I checked the weather each morning and night (and sometimes in between) it seemed a foreign concept. Checking forecasts, watching the clouds, thinking of wind direction and all the other ways we take the pulse of the weather are a way of life.

The next two weeks will bring post-emergence application of herbicide, some side dressing of nitrogen and the first cutting from our established hay. June is always a hectic month with more than enough work to do. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. One thing is for sure, we will be checking it and adapting as need be.

Basis at CVA Scribner for July corn $0.30, soybeans $0.69.