Scribner, Nebraska

WIND. Yes, it is a four letter word. We have had plenty of wind along with hotter than normal temperatures over the past few days. This has put post spraying of herbicide on hold. Thunderstorms and rain are in the forecast and we would appreciate a good soaking rain after the wind has evaporated soil moisture rapidly. Our last rain was .30 on June 2.

The wind was somewhat helpful in getting the first cutting of hay ready to bale. However, it almost dried too fast and leaf shatter had to be managed. Regrowth has been OK but here, too, a good rain will help. Our next cutting will include the oats we planted with the new alfalfa seeding. The protection the oat crop is offering to the tiny new alfalfa seedlings can really be noticed this year. That four letter word — wind — would have beaten the alfalfa seedlings and dried them out beyond their shallow root depth.

The cows are on summer pasture and bulls have been turned in. The heat is not helpful for breeding but more moderate temperatures in the 80’s are forecast. One group of cows is grazing some annual forages that we planted on a piece of frequently flooded, creek bottom ground. We are pleased with the growth of this annual forage and may work it into the grazing rotation in the future.

Once we have less of that four letter word — wind — I expect that everyone will be busy catching up. It is a good time to remember to be safe, look around and be patient as we all try to do the best we can to make this a successful growing season.

Basis at CVA Scribner for July corn $0.28, soybeans $0.69. — Ruth Ready