Roy Reinke

Producer Progress Reporter, Roy Reinke of Reinke Farms and Swan Farms.

Columbus and York, Nebraska

We will start with a weather update. Eight inches of wet snow April 16. It was gone the next day and soon was dry enough for some to start field work.

Farming is underway in the neighborhood. I got the dry fertilizer spread on the corn ground. I still need to spread on the rye ground. We have cows on the rye and need to move them. They like to eat the green instead of the dry hay.

The middle of the week I went out to disc. Made two rounds and the next stop was the shed. It was too wet. We plant 30,000-plus plant population on the irrigated ground, thus lots of trash and high in organic matter. So do we have anything planted yet? Nope. Some in the neighborhood have corn and some beans in.

With exports not happening, ethanol plants slowing down and closing, and packing plants closing due to illness in the workforce, I can’t get too wet and wild about planting. If we get a good crop, some places may see $2.00 corn. Corn farmers are running out of friends.

I did get grass steers out of Kansas this week. They are a nice set. Feeder market is down some, but maybe not enough. Depends on which side of the gate you are on.

I ran over to Fonner on April 21 to watch one of my horses run at the race track. The rules are: owners only, you go in, watch only your race then leave the area. Fonner will extend their schedule to the end of May using Omaha’s dates.

As with so many problematic events, there are those dubious silver linings. One good thing about the stay-at-home rule has been the traffic. I have to cross the four lanes of Highway 30 most every day. With a tractor and whatever implement, that can be a long way in heavy rush hour traffic. Columbus would normally have heavy traffic most all day. I also have ADM in my backyard. Before the slowdown, they were grinding 500,000-600,000 bushels each day. So if you had a non-DOT friendly load, you came by my place. I don’t miss that traffic. So ends my soapbox.

Local cash basis: ADM corn -.16; Richland corn -.37; Richland soybeans -.64; live cattle $99-$100. — Roy Reinke