Roy Reinke

Producer Progress Reporter, Roy Reinke of Reinke Farms and Swan Farms.

Columbus and York, Nebraska

This will be a little late, but Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and grandmothers in the Midwest Messenger area. You all are an integral part of making it (agriculture) work.

The cows and calves came off the rye this weekend. The rye will go back to corn. We have a pivot on this field so we can make it wet. It is a short mile from the Platte River. We put rye in last summer as prevent plant. Corn wasn’t possible last year because of the flood. On this farm, you don’t plant before mid-May. The higher the river, the poorer the crop. The best practice has just been to sit back and wait. I do have a fair amount of corn done. The weather has been cooperative. There are corn and beans up in the neighborhood. We don’t know how things will be over the next day or two. The temperatures have been around that freezing mark the past several nights. But by the time you get to read this, we will know more.

Cattle are pretty much the same. Healthy and eating well. No fed cattle have been shipped and we’ve gotten a few more feeders in. The packing plants need to get back up to 100%. Getting to be a real hardship for pork and cattle feeders. Fourteen plants came back online in the U.S. last week. The food chain just needs to get rolling, producer to consumer. We have known this for a long time.

Horse racing news: Fonner Park in Grand Island, Nebraska was approves for four extra weeks, so will run until the end of May. The Omaha, Nebraska dates are being utilized at Fonner. In past years, we have moved to Prairie Meadows Race Track in Altoona, Iowa. They are not looking to open now. Possibilities of a late summer/fall meet are being discussed. In Iowa, the casino needs to be open along with the racing. As of now, we will be going to Arapahoe Park in Aurora, Colorado the end of May. We last ran there in 2016. It’s tough to go there to watch, the eight-hour one way to watch and come back the same day is a little tough for this guy.

Local cash basis: Columbus ADM corn -.24; Richland corn -.43; Richland soybeans -.69; live cattle $95.00. — Roy Reinke