Columbus and York, Neb.

This is our 16th Producer Progress Report. Our first was in March, and March was a bizarre mix of elements. Now 7 1/2 months later, we are in a harvest that some truly thought would never occur.

Yes, some fields never got planted. What did get planted – some very late – is being harvested with surprising yields. We know positive results come from a power beyond us.

Roy has been combining corn, and the yields have been more than anticipated. He opened up the field at his farm with the feed yard then moved to the south farm.

As I was writing, he finished there and moved back home. He likes to have everything home in case of inclement weather, as most operators do.

The river farm will be the last to harvest, and it won’t take as long as only half got planted. I don’t want to jinx the operation, but harvest has been relatively “uneventful.” The weather has been cooperative and mechanical glitches have not been overwhelming (in the scheme of things).

Roy’s grandson, Brandon, is always great help. He played his last football game as a senior for Columbus High School. Now he will be available after school in addition to the weekends. He has been a real combine operator for several years.

In the area, soybeans are still being harvested and everyone keeps plugging away on corn. Moisture and storage dictate how much and how fast.

Brandon and his buddy Kaston helped Roy roll up the cattle shades. It is a two-man job that is much easier with three men. The shade cloth is 40 feet wide and 15 feet off the ground. Thanks to the “youngsters” for the help.

Roy does a lot of his work by himself. As he says “I don’t have to worry about where the help is.” However, there are times when assistance is appreciated.

The pasture steers are really doing well, as are the other cattle. Roy feeds heifers but always has this batch of summer pastured steers.

As I noted, this is our 16th report, and our “groupies” just keep growing. Thanks to all who take the time to read about us and give feedback.

Local cash basis: live cattle $109-110, ADM corn – even money (no spread), Richland corn -.20, Richland soybeans -.93.

– Karol Swan

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