Roy Reinke

Producer Progress Reporter, Roy Reinke of Reinke Farms and Swan Farms.

Columbus and York, Neb.

With harvest complete, I can talk about the horses. The horses went from Iowa in mid- September to Kentucky. We pulled the shoes and let them be horses. They got to run on the rolling blue grass hills. The trainer went on a little trip home to Kansas to catch up with family.

Well, here we are in late November. Turfway Park opening day is Dec. 4. The horses have been back to work for a while, as we plan on running on the opening days. We did OK last year, so we came back to Turfway and hope we can repeat last year.

The wishlist is still to have a trip to see the horses run. But with cattle, the weather has to look like we can get there and back. I can always watch on Internet, but live is fun.

Are we ready for winter? No and never will be, just like all the other people. We know it always comes and do what we do. The bunk blower is on, the box scraper is hooked up and winter fuel is in the tank. We will get through it, we always have.

Karol has done some CommonGround events. She went to a Holiday Food Show in Lincoln Nov. 19 to man their booth. She attended and did a CommonGround presentation at the AgCeptional Womens Conference Nov. 22 in Norfolk. All events were fun and well attended.

Thanksgiving is here and we all need to be thankful, not just for our good crops we have or our city jobs. Be thankful for family and friends. They are the most valuable of anything. Sometimes my co-writer may say that I’m not, but I am. She dots the I’s and slats the T’s for me and a lot more.

Live cattle $117-118, Richland corn -0.17, Richland soybeans -0.88, ADM Columbus corn, even money. — Roy Reinke

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