Columbus and York, Nebraska

When Roy asked me a little over a year ago if we wanted to write for the Messenger, I was a bit hesitant being new to Roy's operation. Roy's enthusiasm and input made it easy to say “Let's do it.”

As we pen our 36th story, we have found it truly rewarding and enjoyable. Things in the neighborhood, state and nation have changed drastically over the last 15 months. March 2019 we saw people evaluating flood damage that seemed insurmountable. Time has led to other challenges with COVID-19 we never in our wildest imagination expected to have to deal with.

Our final Producers Progress Report comes shortly after celebrating our great nation’s birthday.

We want to say a huge thank you to all that took time to read our story then tell us you enjoyed our story. Naturally, many readers were friends and family, but many strangers would say, “You write in the Messenger! We love it!” when we met at the store, the horse races or out for dinner. At the State Fair and AkSarBen last fall, folks actually recognized me from the photo and expressed they enjoyed our reports.

If anyone has had even a fleeting thought of writing, please contact the Messenger. It is fun, more satisfying than you will ever know, and the staff is remarkable.

Anyone that has read our story knows what we do and we continue to do it. Currently we keep busy with hay, irrigation and cattle to feed. We continue to have faith that the outcome will be good.

Again, thank you to the Messenger for this opportunity that far exceeded our expectations. Thank you to the readers and the feedback that, too, was heartwarming.

If anyone desires to contact us, we'd love to hear from our “groupies” at karolswan55 at

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”

Later! – Roy Reinke and Karol Swan