Columbus and York, Neb.

Such enjoyable weather has arrived. We’ve had a little over an inch of rain over the last two weeks – certainly less than some places to the north, east and south. Even so, the corn and soybeans have dried a lot.

Soybean harvest is well underway in our area. Roy has no beans so waiting to combine corn. Some feeders have been putting up high moisture corn in bunkers. Ensilage is done here and in the area.

Roy has been hauling bales from the river meadows when the time frame works. It takes him two-plus hours for the 15-mile round trip, and that is if the four lanes of Highway 30 and railroad traffic are in his favor.

He hauls 18 bales on a trailer pulled by the tractor. Being new to Columbus, I’ve observed that Highway 30 truck traffic beats Interstate 80 truck traffic at the York interchange. My York farm is 1.5 miles from the interchange so years to observe.

Roy also has to haul water to his steers on the river pasture via same route. The water table has dropped in the normal water hole. It is hard to believe this can happen from the spring and seemingly continual rain we’ve had.

Roy got a pen of 700 pound heifers from Kentucky. It appears they came from area short of feed. They showed up ready to eat and let you know as soon as the tractor starts. They look nice and will do well.

I attended the beef portion of Aksarben Junior Livestock Show in Grand Island, Nebraska Sept. 28. We sponsor a calf for the calf challenge competition (think the old catch-a-calf). We were paired with Ross Klitz of West Point, Nebraska. He was named Champion Calf Challenge Exhibitor.

It was an absolute pleasure to sponsor a knowledgeable, driven and goal oriented young man and meet his family. Also from West Point, Cassidee Stratman garnered reserve champion honors. Exhibitors from surrounding states participated in the contest based on record books, interviews, sponsor updates, rate of gain, live placing and showmanship skills. By all appearances, the future of agriculture will be in good hands.

Local cash basis: Live cattle $103-$104, ADM corn +.20, Richland corn -.18, Richland Soybeans -1.00. – Karol Swan

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