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Snakes promise spring rains

Carl Dobias and Krista Podany

Krista Podany and Carl Dobias of Verdigre, Neb., stay busy with farm work and keeping up with grandkids. Podany will serve as Tri-State Neighbor crop watcher for northeastern Nebraska this year.

Hello, from our little part of the Bohemian Alps near Knoxville, Nebraska. Carl and I were heading out the lane a few days back and crossing the lane was a HUGE bull snake. I could have sworn it was 2 feet around and 30 feet long. Okay, it was about 5 inches around and over 6 feet long. Since I really dislike snakes, my first reaction is to run it over, but we did not. Carl, being the good guy he is, stopped and waited for him to cross.

Carl made me promise years ago to stop running them over as they are a very good predators around our grain bins and bunk lines. He even asked if I wanted a photo of this snake, hmm no thanks. We talked about another wives tale about when a snake crosses the road it may rain; we will see. I told Carl if it doesn't rain the snake will be fair game the next time, promise or not.

Within 24 hours, a long-awaited guest finally arrived. RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN. Words can hardly express the gratitude one feels when rain has finally come bless our land. We estimate we could be close to 5 inches of rain. The loud thunder and the sharp bright lighting cracks made it very official we were in a rainstorm.

Amazing how green it gets after a storm like that. The fields have gone from billows of clouds of dust following the equipment to nothing. Even when traveling on the road, I don't see a cloud of dust rolling before I meet a vehicle. The last couple of days, we aren't getting in the fields and that is okay. Patience it is said it is a virtue, and of course the old wind is back. The trees are doing their dancing to the gusts of the wind, and we will be back to the fields soon enough. By the way, since it rained the snake lives as long as it keeps crossing the road through the season.

Even before the rain, a couple of pivots could be seen circling to give the ground a drink to give the seeds a better chance. Planting season around the area - corn, potatoes, a few beans and new alfalfa seeds - were planted and were placed to the dusty soil, and now they are a bit safer with the nice rain. The sun has shone its face a couple of days and it seems the winter crops could have grown a foot on those days. Since the rain I am more excited about the garden. Mother Virginia always said be patient about planting until Memorial Day unless you want to do a lot of babysitting the plants, covering and uncovering.

The cows are out to pasture and are they ever excited - at first, they thought they escaped and were having another frolic. With the rain we feel a bit more comfortable about turning them to grass pasture. We still have a couple of bottle babies at the barn. Funny thing we get them for the grandkids to enjoy and they are here for a few feedings and then they go home, and we bottle feed all week until they return. What we don't do for the grandkids.

I can't wait until the voting primary is over, I have gotten enough propaganda mail to burn to keep the house warm for a couple of days. Maybe the texts three times a day from the same candidate and phone calls will cease as well. Wonder who profited by selling my cell phone number. A few of these candidates need to spend some time in reflection of who they really are, and please don't insult my intelligence with all the mudslinging. It is not really necessary.

Graduation marathons have begun in the month of May. Our high schools are graduating many seniors around the area and their new chapter begins. The smiles on their faces is exciting as they - ready or not – are going to spread their wings to new places. We even had a few college graduates who are leaving another achievement mark on their young lives. We are very proud of them all.

The day has begun, and it is time to get at my chores inside and outside started. From the House of Dobias to yours, have a great and blessed days, be safe and be aware we again have slow moving and large equipment out on the roads.

I will leave you with this thought:

“Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” – John Updike.

Every time it rains, the soil counts every drop to know exactly how many times to thank God. - Krista Podany

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