PPR Mikayla Martensen

Mikayla Emerson of Martensen Cattle in Humphrey, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Humphrey, Nebraska

Hello, everyone! Here are some updates on Martensen Cattle.The past few weeks, our main goal was to get all the cattle to pasture. This way we can plant corn in the cattle yards, and have fewer chores. In the coming weeks, we will be checking cattle that are on grass, planting the cattle yards, and hoping for rain. While we have been receiving rain here and there, we are still praying for more. With the heat we have been facing, we will take anything we can get.

All of our crops are in the ground, aside from the corn that will be planted in the cattle yards after everything has gone to grass. Both corn and beans are looking good, and corn will most definitely be way past knee-high by the Fourth of July.

Calving is mostly wrapped up, but we will be preg-checking the remaining bred cattle this week.

The Platte County Fair is scheduled for July 8-12, and this year will look drastically different from previous fairs. The concert and tractor pull have been cancelled, we are still having 4-H and FFA-related events. While there are multiple guidelines we must follow, I am sure I speak for all 4-H’ers when I say we are grateful to have this opportunity to showcase our hard work and talent. This also gives us something to look forward to during this time of many unknowns. Hopefully, this is something 4-H’ers in other counties can have, as well. — Mikayla Martensen