PPR Mikayla Martensen

Mikayla Emerson of Martensen Cattle in Humphrey, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Humphrey, Nebraska

Hello everyone, and happy Beef Month. Here are some updates on Martensen Cattle.

We have recently just finished planting, aside from the cattle yards. The rainy weather we have been receiving recently has given the crops the opportunity to start sprouting. We have had a few evenings where freezing has been a concern, but we haven’t seen any damage so far. While COVID-19 hasn’t affected any of our planting strategies, we have been having concerns about the future markets. Hopefully the prices start to climb soon.

On the livestock side of things, we are starting to get ready to haul cattle to pasture. We are hoping to have everything on grass by the end of May. We have almost all our calves vaccinated and ready for pasture, so it’s just a matter of time now. We are not done with calving, but we are getting closer.

This summer, both my siblings and I were planning on showing livestock this summer. We show both cattle and rabbits at our local county fair, so we have been hoping that we have this opportunity. With how widespread COVID-19 has become, we are unsure of how the fair will play out. Our county fair is still on, so we can only keep our fingers crossed.

As of May 8 at Central Valley Ag in Humphrey, corn was $2.77, with soybeans at $7.87. — Mikayla Martensen