PPR Elizabeth Hodges

Elizabeth Hodges of Oak Hill Farms in Julian, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Julian, Nebraska

In our part of southeast Nebraska, the rains have so far been timely but certainly not in excess. The corn crop looks absolutely beautiful for this time of year, and Dad says it is just now “getting into the fertilizer.” It is such a dark green color and makes the rolling hills of our farm a truly beautiful sight.

While the temperatures have been well above normal for our area, the hogs seem to have adjusted well this year and no real issues have arisen.

We spent a little time this past week putting up small square bales of brome grass hay.

This is a chance for us to work together as a family (even though my youngest brother might call it a punishment). Another way we have been able to spend time together as a family is at the ballpark. Even though this season has gotten off to a delayed start due to the COVID-19 Directed Health Measures, my sister and both brothers are now playing abbreviated seasons of softball and baseball.

I am currently the secretary of our county’s 4-H Council. While we are still finalizing plans for our county fair in August, it does appear that we will be fortunate enough to have one this year. It will look and feel much different than a normal fair. We are all busy with our static exhibits as well as working with our hogs that we plan to exhibit at the fair.

I have recently accepted a job at our local Good Samaritan Center (retirement home) in

Auburn, Nebraska. In this position as the Food and Nutrition Assistant, I will be delivering food to the residents’ rooms because they are currently still confined to their rooms and helping out in the kitchen any way I can. I’m really looking forward to helping to serve these wonderful people and learning from them as they share their life experiences with me.

This time of the year in Nebraska is one of the best, so take it in and appreciate what the land has to offer. As always, stay healthy and safe! — Elizabeth Hodges