PPR Elizabeth Hodges

Elizabeth Hodges of Oak Hill Farms in Julian, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Julian, Nebraska

I just want to start off this article by saying thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my articles. It really makes me more confident in my writing and my career choice of ag communications when I get compliments from area farmers.

I would like to give a few updates on where we are on the manure/mulch project for which my FFA chapter and my family’s farm has partnered with UNL. A couple weeks ago, the students behind this project came down and put in water sensors in the field. As you know, it has been rainy and hot lately, so it will be interesting to see the numbers that these cool gadgets collect. And when I say cool gadgets, I mean COOL — they are solar powered so the students won’t have to check or change batteries. I am so excited to attend UNL next fall because students get to use this high-tech equipment!

As you all know, because the state FFA Convention was canceled, we weren’t able to compete in the events that we qualified in. However, our state team has been hard at work to get things set up for contests so we could possibly have a national convention. I qualified in food science and marketing plan along with my teammates for each event. Now there is going to be modifications to how we conduct these events, as we are doing them all together at our own schools to hopefully slow the spread of COVID-19. It will be a different experience for sure, but I am thankful that we will be able to display our knowledge and hard work.

As always, I hope all of you are enjoying your summer and staying safe! — Elizabeth Hodges