PPR Elizabeth Hodges

Elizabeth Hodges of Oak Hill Farms in Julian, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Julian, Nebraska

Just like everything during this pandemic, summer events are tentative. This includes the beloved county fair that everyone looks forward to. Livestock show men and women like myself and my siblings are already hard at work preparing our hogs and working on static exhibits to enter for the fair. However, all of these plans could come to a screeching halt with the unprecedented pandemic that is shaking the world.

As of now, there has been no word on canceling the fair in my area. My family shows at the Nemaha County Fair in Auburn, Nebraska. If you are unaware, it was pushed back to Aug. 9-12 way before this pandemic occurred. Usually, we are one of the earliest fairs in the area and have a Thursday through Sunday Fair. Now we are reverting to a Sunday through Wednesday fair like it has been in the past, even before I started showing. I am crossing my fingers that with this later fair date, there is a better chance to have a traditional fair.

With these unprecedented times, there has been different talk in the surrounding area about virtual shows. Now, I don’t see the Nemaha County Fair going down that road, but it will be interesting how it works out for other fairs. We will just have to wait for the guidance of our governor and directed health measures. As always, I hope you all are being safe and healthy. — Elizabeth Hodges