PPR Emerson Randa

Emerson Randa of Randa Red Angus in Verdigre, Midwest Messenger Producer Progress Reporter

Verdigre, Nebraska

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend! I can’t believe this is already my last update on the Randa Ranch. It is crazy how fast time flies!

Last week, I mentioned that I was competing virtually for my natural resources speech for state FFA. The speech went well considering the circumstances were a little different this year. I found out last week that I received third place! That is the highest I have ever placed in a state competition. I think my dad was more excited than me, though. The leadership skills I learned from FFA will be used throughout my life.

My bottle calves, Hank and Tank, are growing well and are getting their daily exercise while being halter broke by the twins, my 4-year-old niece and nephew. Meanwhile, the halter breaking of my two breeding heifers has been fairly speedy. I started washing Cedar and Willow last week. I think I ended up with more water on me than they did, but every day they are growing more accustomed to their bath.

I have had so much fun writing these articles and being a part of the Midwest Messenger. I still get excited every time I get to write a new article. It has been a running joke around our house whenever I do something around the farm to put it into the article!

Not only have I enjoyed my time, but I have gained so many skills writing and feel 10 times more confident in writing as well. (Watch out, college essays!) I can’t thank my parents or my English teacher enough for encouraging me and helping me throughout these past 13 articles.

I have been so thrilled when people in my community or other towns talk to me about some of the things I have mentioned. It definitely shows how far this newspaper reaches and how cool it is to be a part of it!

Thank you all for reading. As for the farm, we will still be here doing our everyday activities. If you’re ever in Verdigre, grab a kolache and come on out to the Randa Ranch to see what's happening. P.S. We sell bulls! – Emerson Randa